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Подорож Рейнджера

Подорож рейнджера в невеликій кіно-склейці. Камера: Lumix G80Оптика: Leica 8-18 2.8/4, Lumix 45-175 4/5.6 Подорожуючи просторами постапокаліптичного світу, головний герой… read more Подорож Рейнджера

The Samurai

The Samurai from Sasha Poberailo on Vimeo. История о человеке который следует своим внутренним убеждениям и целям, даже если они… read more The Samurai

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Осень в Матрице

[su_dailymotion url=”” autoplay=”yes” quality=”480″] Осень в Марице – Комедийная зарисовка о бессмысленности пафоса в виртуально-реальном мире. В ролях Александр Дворниковфильм Саша… read more Осень в Матрице

Zoom F1 быстрая распаковка и обзор
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Zoom F1 fast unpacking and quick overview

Zoom f1 fast unpacking and quick overview. Bundling, turning on, checking microphones, connecting capsules and a visual comparison with zoom… read more Zoom F1 fast unpacking and quick overview

домашний кинотеатр
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Home Theatre – Production Dairy

Web-Series “Home Theatre” (Production Diary 1).From test-scene shooting. Filming at “Bommer” cinema in Kharkiv – Urkaine. cast Max Lavrinenko, Roman… read more Home Theatre – Production Dairy

Украинский фильм “Ужасно Блестящий”режиссера Саша Поберайло

Украинский фильм “Ужасно Белстящий” украинского режиссера Саша Поберайло. Смотреть украинский полнометраный игровой фильм, рассказывающий о том, как молодой преподаватель мечтает… read more Украинский фильм “Ужасно Блестящий”режиссера Саша Поберайло

Suitcases (Short film)

“Чемоданы” короткометражный фильм.Главный герой решает переехать в другую страну, что бы начать там новую жизнь.Последние дни перед отьездом, он проводит… read more Suitcases (Short film)

Саша Поберайло Sasha Poberailo
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How to lure the actors into the film?

How to lure the actors into the film?

You came up with a story, you found a camera. It remains to work for a small - to find actors. And this stone of prediction through which it is very easy not to cross.
The theme of the actors is not simple and unfinished. In this sense, this post is only a small illustration with a possible background for the future.

Only on the topic "How to lure the actors into the film?". Option one is "money". Copyright? Independent? Underground? Most likely this option disappears almost immediately. Option of the second "DFT". If you can already call it.

Practice "actor for food" has long and successfully practiced in the US, Europe and other film-countries. What actors might be interested in this? In theory, anyone. If you are close to the topic of photo and model business, you should know how the model goes the way of becoming. Models without a photographer are not models. Similarly, actors without a movie are not actors. They are people dependent and to be always a great success. Accordingly for them, those who make films are as important as they are for them. Then why is the question "how to lure the actors into the film"? The answer is, on the surface, culture. People, and even most of those who decided to become an actor, do not have a real idea about the movie, just because it does not exist. And the fact that there is a stall still somewhere in the 50-60's. Times have changed many times and are changing at a given time, but there is no perception. Actors can not be "" stars, just as these stars can not be photomodels. Success in cinema is not a given. The development of success is more important than its achievement.

So if you do not know how to lure the actors into the film and there is no money, then only deception will help. Nobody loves the truth.

“And Saturday Again” Short Film by Sasha Poberailo

“And Saturday Again” Short Film by film director Sasha Poberailo. [EN] It is never too late to do something about… read more “And Saturday Again” Short Film by Sasha Poberailo

dirty russian episode 6 - filmmaking
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Dirty Russian (episode 6)

Dirty Russian (episode 6) by Poberailo episode 6 “The film tells the story of a musician who returned to his… read more Dirty Russian (episode 6)