Netrunner new cyberpunk feature film based on classic lore

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"Netrunner" is cyberpunk feature film creating by Ukrainian filmmaker and producer Sasha Poberailo. There is the short teaser for your attention. Story tells us short episodes of "digital cowboy" life. Image the city with hackers, ninja, dealers, corporate, punks and freaks! And they are breaking ICE, running Net, making money, searching of pleasure. It's Just here. Nears future!

киберпанк веб сериал "цифровой рассвет"

Director Sasha Poberailo
Featuring teaser Alexander Dvornikov, Valery Beskorsyi, Lilia Kunitskaya, Julia Parjina, Alick Sakhno, Nadya Vladimirovna, Yan Ray and Kosta Minakov.

Story and design conception based on classic cyberpunk lore created by authors of 80th. There are William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and other.
"Netrunner" is renew project "Digital Dawn" . The goal of this action was making more classic look of the story witch let you plunge deeper into the atmosphere.

netrunner cyberpunk
cyberpunk feature Netrunner

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  1. Полностью разделяю Ваше мнение. В этом что-то есть и это хорошая идея. Готов Вас поддержать.
    Замечательно, очень ценная информация

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