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netrunner new cyberpunk feature - feature
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Netrunner new cyberpunk feature film based on classic lore

“Netrunner” is cyberpunk feature film creating by Ukrainian filmmaker and producer Sasha Poberailo. There is the short teaser for your… read more Netrunner new cyberpunk feature film based on classic lore

more coffee less sugar 4 кофе 3 сахара
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More coffe, less sugar: Feature

More coffe, less sugar: Feature The film tells about the four strange stories that take place in a cafe interconnected…. read more More coffe, less sugar: Feature

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Post-apocalypse Feature “Echo-Request”

Post-apocalypse Feature “Echo-Request” The pilot of “Atomic Cafe” project“Beta-music” ver. genre: postapocalypsecounty: Ukrainedirector: Alexander Poberailomusic: Nobody’s Nail Machinesoundman: Valeriy Beskorsiyvfx:… read more Post-apocalypse Feature “Echo-Request”

sweetness ukrainian short film - feature
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Sweetness – Ukrainian Short Film

Sweetness the Ukrainian short film by Film Director Sasha Poberailo. Julia is successful vloger. Joe looking for job after graduate… read more Sweetness – Ukrainian Short Film

cyber teaser 02 comp2 - feature
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“Digital Dawn” Web-series episode 2

Cyberpunk web-series “Digital Dawn” by Sasha Poberailo. The second teaser finally on-line here! We meet cyber-technician electro-guy Nick. credits: act… read more “Digital Dawn” Web-series episode 2