Post-apocalypse Feature “Echo-Request”

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Post-apocalypse Feature “Echo-Request”

The pilot of “Atomic Cafe” project
“Beta-music” ver.

genre: postapocalypse
county: Ukraine
director: Alexander Poberailo
music: Nobody’s Nail Machine
soundman: Valeriy Beskorsiy
vfx: Vladislav Klevanskiy, Alexander Poberailo
act: Max Lavrinenko, Kosta Chenysh, Maria Kuznetsova, Sophiya Kuznetsova, Ulyana Kuznestova, Anna Karika, Stanislav Yur’evich, Vladimir Ishenko, Evgen Ostroverkh

Oleg and Yang, roaming the wastelands, finding the entrance to the vault. Because of the possible danger, they do not dare to explore it immediately. But in the wasteland can not predict anything, and their plans change.

The action of the film project “Atomic Cafe” take part in the USSR. A nuclear war has wiped out this state, like the other superpower. Leaving only a ghostly reminder of the former empire

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