The Coffee Girl – Proof of Concept 2

64 / 100

The screenplay "The Coffee Girl" won runner-up at Raindance 2019's Live! Ammunition!

Script Pitching Contest and is currently in the developmental process. This is a proof of concept video illustrating proposed work as a full feature film. It, in no way, reflects the quality of the final product. All artistic creations and representations are original to the respective owners and are copyrighted content. Only two videos were repurposed from the YouTube community and in no way does our film production team intend to monetize on another artist's work. This video is purely for representation purposes only.

Written by Shaawen E. Thunderbird

Directed by Matt Power

Cinematography by Sasha Poberailo

Composed by Matthew Chilelli

Voiced by Laura K. Welsh

Alexander Dvornikov as Carl

Sofia Matviiets-Teo as Rebecca

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